If you're interested in booking the Starline Rhythm Boys, please contact them by email or by phone at 802-223-5327 or 802-862-0699. They're available for private functions as well as public shows at bars and other venues.

Raves & Reviews

"These boys remind me of the good old days, with a sound that's between Memphis and Nashville. It's good, clean and from the heart - and nowadays that's fresher."
- Vassar Clements

"Their music is the closest to the original stuff like Hank Williams, Sr., or Lefty Frizzell and Hank's honest hillbilly music. It is the best of its kind I have heard recently. I rate them right up there with BR549 and the Derailers."
- Billy Lee Riley

"This is the Real Deal. The Starline Rhythm Boys know how to make it rock and let it swing. They dish it out full strength, adult dosage. I'll take all of this I can get."
- Bill Kirchen

"This CD is as smooth as having a vanilla milkshake on a nice Saturday afternoon, on the front porch, while watching the girls go by."
- Wayne Hancock

"The trio croons old-fashioned country songs with pining vocals and retro NashBakersfield feel to them. Fans of retro sounds in the country-rockabilly vein are sure to gravitate to the Starline boys' rhythm. Bar stool optional."
- Dirty Linen

"Man, talk about a band that's out of their element. If the Starline Rhythm Boys belong anywhere, it's in Austin, Texas, a place where they'd almost certainly be the toast of the town."
- Country Standard Time

"If you're a fan of classic country and honky tonk music with elements of rockabilly, boogie woogie, bluegrass, western swing and hillbilly blues, you're gonna love the Starline Rhythm Boys."
- Vintage Guitar

"The music comes at you with passion and warm bourbon breath, like a white-knuckled freight driver on an all-night stretch to see his baby. The Boys can even make some smoky Burlington bar feel like...the front seat of a '53 Caddy in, say Galveston, with the radio on real loud."
- Seven Days

"If you're a fan of smooth honky-tonk swing with touches of rockabilly pace, then these songs are gonna make you wanna grease back your hair and roll up the denim cuffs. If your baby likes to dance, you'll have no trouble movin' on the dance floor."
- Burlington Free Press

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