Appearing Live and in Person:

Fri, Jul 21st 7:00pm
1457 Lake Dunmore Rd, Salisbury, Vt 05769
(802) 352-4501
Price: $ Poss Admission Fee

After first giggin' at Kampersville last summer, they decided they wanted us back not once, but twice, this summer (next gig will be Fri Aug 11). If ya don't know, Kampersville is a true classic RV's like it's own community with general store, deli, gas station,swimmin' pool, playground, rec hall's got it all! An', it's been around for years. One of the real attractions on beautiful Lake Dunmore. Last year we played right by the pool an' it was great (even though' part of the Town of Salisbury...lost power part way through our show!). Hope for good weather so we can be by the pool again, but if not, then we'll be in the rec hall. Kampersville exists for the RV campers who stay there, but we believe you local fans who want ta come an' check us out can get in but there might be a small fee at the office when you enter the premises. In any event, it's a blast playin' Kampersville an' our boy Billy B even found an' will be wearin' a vintage Kampersville ball cap!


Sat, Jul 22nd 7:00pm
Rutland Fairgrounds
Rutland, VT


Sun, Jul 23rd 6:00pm
The Big Classic Town Common, Craftsbury Common, VT 05827
(802) 586-9972
Price: $ Donation Accepted

This is one of the best summer evenin' community concert series in Vermont an' a big part of that is 'cause it's held on the classic Craftsbury Common(Town Green), which is one of the nicest, prettiest in the State. This is where the ol' Craftsbury Fiddle an' Banjo Contests used ta be held back in the late 60's an' early 70's. An' this particular summer concert series has been long-runnin', too. We've worked it for 4 yrs now, so this will be our 5th consecutive an' every one has been great. We've even worked in the Sterling College Dining Hall if rain an' that's proved ta be a good venue too. But when it's beautiful weather an' a wonderful sunset, you can't beat the Common. We used ta play in the ol' gazebo, but promoter Harry Miller moved the location to a stage along the west side of the Common an' it was much better. So folks bring their lawn chair or blanket an' maybe somethin' ta eat/drink an' just check out the show. This is one of our favorites an' we look forward ta this return. Want ta thank Harry for havin' us back! Here's what the town site says:

"The Starline Rhythm Boys on the Common from 6-8pm. Can't think of a better thing to do on a hot summer night!

The concert is presented by the Village Improvement Society and is by donation.
Come and enjoy a picnic on the common prior to the concert. In the event of rain, the Craftsbury School gym will be the venue.