Honky-Tonk Livin'
2002, Tin Town Records

The Starline Rhythm Boys sing about life tried and true, my friends. The tears-in-my-beer-stained vocals of guitarist/lead singer Danny "Little Rollin' Danny C" Coane are all blues and heartbreak. With his soulful, finger-bending licks and heartfelt harmony vocals, Telecaster slinger Al "Big Al" Lemery taps an aching, psychic pipeline to the best of Bakersfield and the heyday of Buck Owens & Don Rich, Merle Haggard and Roy Nichols. Madcap bassman Billy Bratcher nails it all to the wall, slapping the standup with skillful precision and a fury that suggests it's his last night on earth - with just one more story to tell.

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Better Luck is a Barroom Away
1999, Tin Town Records

These guys do what good bands are supposed to do; they give you all those years of hot licks learned from heroes and roll it into one night, every night. They can sure deliver the goods, but it's their own song now. They'll leave you wanting a whole lot more.

This CD offering is a good way to stuff some of that wicked good energy in your pocket and take it home. It capures this gifted trio in prime form, with some very special sidemen (and lady - listen for Rose Lucas' vocal debut) sitting in. Words from the song titles alone will give a glimpse of what lies in store: "Rollin', wrong, goodbye, bad girl, better luck, Buick, Texaco, Rio de Rosa and Apartment #9". Son!

For a full track list and samples, try out our sample tune page.