Porky's BBQ

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Porky's Backyard BBQ & Smokehouse, U.S. Rt 7, New Haven, VT 05753

This will be our only public show for the month of September and our last gig of the season at Porky's BBQ right down there on US Rt 7 between Vergennes and New Haven Jct. Want ta thank Porky's for havin' us 3 times this summer - they've all been good. Hope ta see a lot of our fans an' friends out for this one. This could well be our only remainin' public personal appearance for the rest of 2020 and who knows about next year, at least until Spring or Summer. Also, this show will be on Big Al's (aka Otis) birthday...he'll be "69 an' Holdin'"! Pete Riley will still be on electric bass with us. We wanta thank Pete for doing such a great, solid job fillin' in for Billy, plus singin' some fine third parts. So we do hope y'all will come out ta see us at Porky's an' if ya do, be sure ta give Al a big "Happy Birthday"!