Live and In Person: 

Howdy Friends, Neighbors an' Fans!  Here's our latest news, eff. August 30, 2021:  We've only played four gigs this summer: a wedding (w/ Billy back on the ol' slappin' doghouse), the Cold Hollow Cider Fest, a little "concert" at a retirement facility and a private 65th wedding anniversary, all with Peter Riley on electric bass helpin' us out again this summer.  We're NOT playing the Champlain Valley Fair Demo Derby this Thursday, Sept 2 as previously announced, but have another wedding reception an' a private party this coming weekend (Sept 4 & 5) - those will also be with Pete.   Then we will have a PUBLIC gig at Jericho Cafe & Tavern (JCaT), Jericho VT on Fri Sept 10, which will also be with Pete on bass.  Hope we get a good turnout for that!  It will be our final confirmed booking for the fall other than a possible VT Swing Dance at the Champlain Club in Burlington on Sat Nov 13.   Billy has his hands full right now with his new job as restaurant manager at the Residence at Quarry Hill in Burlington and has requested time in August and September to adjust to the hours, days and demands of that job.  We will then re-group to see what lies ahead; what we can or can't do, etc.  We'll keep ya posted.  And... Danny C will continue to gig with his three other groups: The VT Bluegrass Pioneers, The Radio Rangers and McCaffrey, Coane & Rowell next month and October.  Those gigs will also be posted on this website calendar as well as our Facebook page and will be clearly identified as not SRB jobs.  

So that's the update for now. Sorry we really haven't had public performances this summer but hope that will eventually change back.  Once again, we wanna thank all our fans an' friends for continuin' to hang in there with us for all this time.  We love ya all - you have been so supportive over our 23 yrs together as a band.  In the meantime, take care of yourselves and we'll hopefully see ya sometime down the road!

The Starline Rhythm Boys


"These boys remind me of the good old days, with a sound that's between Memphis and Nashville.  Its good, clean and from the heart - and nowadays that's fresher."
-Vassar Clements
"This is the Real Deal. The Starline Rhythm Boys know how to make it rock and let it swing.  They dish it out full strength, adult dosage.  I'll take all of this I can get."
-Bill Kirchen
"The subjects of these songs - sin, salvation, family farms, women, drunk tanks, job layoffs, diners, and dearly departed friends - are songs by and for the people.  There is no pretension or rock star attitude in what you boys are laying down, just straightforward songs from the heart that are some of the best newly written and recorded country songs since the giants of country music have gone to rockabilly heaven."
-Deke Dickerson


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - Seven Days Daysie Best Americana/Country Artist Group, Burlington, VT

2016 - Ameripolitan Music Awards nominee for Best Honky Tonk Group, Austin, TX

2002, 2007, 2009 - Freeform American Roots chart #1 Album of the Year, Austin, TX