Live and In Person:

Well, here we are into 2021 with COVID still hangin' 'round but at least there's a vaccine.  Hope everyone is stayin' healthy an' lookin' forward to fast-approaching Spring.  We are still in "hiatus" over the winter with no gigs at all.  Now, Mon Feb 15th (Presidents Day) just so happened to be the start of our 22nd year together as this honky-tonk/rockabilly trio.   It was on a Sunday, Feb 15, 1998 that the three of us got together ta pick' an' sing at Billy & Shealeen Bratcher's old apartment on South Union St. The sounds and styles we were layin' down felt real good to us so we decided to get together again which all lead to a few rehearsals an' a decision to actually form a trio with no drummer.  We came up with "The Starline Rhythm Boys" an' started bookin'.  The rest is "history", we guess.  But here we are now with no work since Sept 2020, although we expect some this summer; how much, we don't know and will  just have to see.  We have posted what currently are presumed to be solidly booked gigs - stay tuned and please keep coming back here to see if and when more are posted.  Again, we are only posting gigs that are solidly on the books as of now.  In the meantime, take care of yourselves an'  git yer shot!  Finally, of course, we wish each an' every one of you the best as well as thank you for your appreciation an' support of the band over all these years. 

The Starline Rhythm Boys


"These boys remind me of the good old days, with a sound that's between Memphis and Nashville.  Its good, clean and from the heart - and nowadays that's fresher."
-Vassar Clements
"This is the Real Deal. The Starline Rhythm Boys know how to make it rock and let it swing.  They dish it out full strength, adult dosage.  I'll take all of this I can get."
-Bill Kirchen
"The subjects of these songs - sin, salvation, family farms, women, drunk tanks, job layoffs, diners, and dearly departed friends - are songs by and for the people.  There is no pretension or rock star attitude in what you boys are laying down, just straightforward songs from the heart that are some of the best newly written and recorded country songs since the giants of country music have gone to rockabilly heaven."
-Deke Dickerson


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - Seven Days Daysie Best Americana/Country Artist Group, Burlington, VT

2016 - Ameripolitan Music Awards nominee for Best Honky Tonk Group, Austin, TX

2002, 2007, 2009 - Freeform American Roots chart #1 Album of the Year, Austin, TX